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产品类型 Product Type:10寸壁挂扬声器8寸壁挂扬声器
频率响应Frequency response:60HZ-20KHZ60HZ-20KHZ
连续节目功率Continuous program power:700W500W
低频 Low AES / peak:600W/1200W400W/800W
中频 Mid /  AES / peak:

高频  High AES / peak:80W/160W60W/120W
低频1W/1m  Sensitivity low 1W / 1m:99dB96dB
高频1W/1m Sensitivity  high 1W / 1m:118dB113dB
低频 Low Maximum peak SPL136dB127dB
高频最大连续 High Maximum peak SPL:142dB122dB
指向性 Dispersion horizontal/ vertical:Horizonta90°vertica90°Horizonta90°vertica90°
输入阻抗 Nominal impedance LF /HF:Low 8Ω  /High 8Ω (1+/1-)Low 8Ω  /High 8Ω (1+/1-)
组件 Components:1x10"Low neodymium magnet waterproof paper basin1x8"Low neodymium magnet waterproof paper basin
中频 Mid(Coaxial neodymium compression drive):

高频 High:1x1" Precise and transparent high frequency driver1x1" Precise and transparent high frequency driver
输入连接器 Input connectors:INPUT-1/LINK-OUT-1INPUT-1/LINK-OUT-1
箱体材料  Box materials:Baltic birch plywoodBaltic birch plywood
安装方式Install hanging mode:地面堆放地面堆放
箱体外观Polyurea coating (water resistant):Polyurea coating (water resistant)Polyurea coating (water resistant)
规格尺寸 Dimensions :630(W)×1440(H)×493.5(D)mm445(W)×465(H)×244.2(D)mm
净重量 Net:18.5kg13.9KG